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Iran to unveil herbal medicine for treating Alzheimer’s
Iran Home to 800 Species of Medicinal Herbs
Iran's Export of Medicinal Plants Withering Away
Iran’s Potentials in Medicinal Plants and Diversity of Plant Species
Herbal life: traditional medicine gets a modern twist in Iran
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Traditional Medicine - Valencia, Spain -…

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Traditional medicine includes medical aspects of traditional knowledge that created over eras inside different societies before the period of a present-day drug. The World Health Organization (WHO) characterizes traditional medicine...

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Announce for all members

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According to Prof. Dr. Mb Rezaee’s attempt and his team work, IMPS and UMPI success to obtain different positive situation to cooperate at international conference. The positive result for all...

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Collaboration with 2nd International Con…

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Collaboration with 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Technology and Development scheduled on May 11-12, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan

Pharmatech 2018 provides the perfect platform for just this as an interactive and engaging 2-day event: unique in format, content, networking and engagement. Bring to your notice that Conference Series...

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Scientific Collaboration with Pharmacy C…

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Scientific Collaboration with Pharmacy Conference 2018 , April 09-11, 2018, Dubai UAE

Theme: Revolutionising the New Parameters in Pharmacy Research and Education “Investing in Pharmacy Research and Education" It is a satisfied welcome to all clinical delegates, younger scientists and pupils to have a...

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Conference and Workshop

Herbal cream and ointment
 the use of experimental animals for the use of medicinal plants
 The Second Conference for Pioneer in Medicinal Plants
 The First National Conference on Phytochemistry of Medicinal Plants, Promoting Health and Business
 the 7th National Conference on Medicinal Plants